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How cool is this café! Perfect for travel addicts! #brussels (at Le Cercle des Voyageurs)

Street art #brussels (at La Grande Place Bruxelles)

So beautiful! #brussels (at Law Courts of Brussels)

Palais de Justice #brussels (at Law Courts of Brussels)

Church of the Ascension #moscow (at Храм Вознесения Господня)

Such a beautiful door! #moscow (at Кремль / The Kremlin)

How cool is this shopping mall? #moscow (at ГУМ / GUM)

The Kremlin #moscow (at Кремль / The Kremlin)

Time to say goodbye to Saint Petersburg #stpetersburg (at Санкт-Петербург / Saint Petersburg)

Love those buildings #stpetersburg (at Санкт-Петербург / Saint Petersburg)